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In history, there has been no single case where a nation has benefited from prolonged warfare. A country’s resources will be exhausted, the enemy will be more resistant to attacks, and the costs of war will last far beyond the period in which the war is fought. Clearly, a country would be much better served by using cunning and strategy. And that is exactly what the West has done.

There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare

The world needs peace, and the world must stand together for that. The world cannot afford another arms race, and it must focus on fighting poverty, hunger, and climate change. It must make clear that it will not accept threats of war and will not allow the return of imperial rule. And while there are some benefits to the conflict, the world cannot sustain prolonged warfare. If the world were to fight such conflicts, there would be no place for foreign fighters.

The best way to win a war is by subduing the enemy without fighting. A nation that wins a war by subduing its enemy is more honorable than one that focuses on destroying its enemies. A nation will not gain anything from a prolonged war, if it does, it will lose everything. A country that does not lose a battle is the most valuable.

Prolonged warfare has many drawbacks. A war is ineffective and has no beneficial outcome. The most obvious one is that it creates more refugees than it can handle. Furthermore, there is no evidence of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare. In any case, the nation that is at the winning end of a war will win. In the end, the only country that benefits is the one that loses.

Similarly, wars cause great destruction and kill millions of people. In the Ukraine, half the population is displaced. The Ukrainian war is no exception. With the destruction of homes, infrastructure, and human lives, the nation’s economy will suffer. During the last decades, no nation has benefited from a war. There is no instance of a prolonged war where a nation is able to survive.

The war in Ukraine has already killed thousands of people and caused great damage. While war is a necessity, it has no economic benefit. The Ukrainian people have the right to decide to keep living in their homes, while the Russians and Europeans have been displaced for their country. These problems have been exacerbated by the conflict. In both cases, the government has the right to decide to halt the conflict and avoid any further damages.